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A/B is a boutique consultancy focused on maximizing business outcomes through growth strategy, data analytics, and M&A advisory.


A/B is a full-service strategy consulting firm that is dedicated to solving our client’s most complicated and pressing challenges. We are committed to delivering high-quality, data-driven advisory and insights on investments, growth, and business strategy. Our network of over 400 consultants enables A/B to build teams that offer expertise across industries and disciplines to provide the best possible solution to our clients’ most complex problems.


A/B knows that every organization is unique and every challenge has its own nuances - we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to understand the goals, challenges, and culture of the organization. We believe that there is no challenge that cannot be solved, and we embrace a spirit of innovation, creativity, and collaboration as we work with our clients to solve even the most difficult problems.

About Us


"We turn to A/B to execute with quality and pace.  The team does a great job delivering in challenging environments where being right matters and time is on the line. They are smart, humble, great at working with all types of people, and deliver insights with intellectual honesty and integrity.  We value our partnership with A/B."


We help organizations successfully navigate the transition to new and more valuable business models. Our approach starts with a detailed understanding of our clients’ internal business drivers, their customers’ needs, and the market environment. It ends with strategies that leverage existing assets into higher value business models. 

Omnichannel strategy and operations
New market entry strategy
Computer Learning
Education Forward DC
Operational strategy
Bain Capital
Portfolio operations and growth strategy
AIDS Healthcare Foundation
Market research and brand strategy
Parthenon Capital
Portfolio growth strategy and VoC research


A/B has advised Fortune 500 companies, early-stage companies, impact organizations, and investors with our deep industry expertise in consumer products, retail, technology, business services, education, and private equity. Customized solutions are the key to solving complex business issues in today's fast-paced, global environment. Our responsibility to our clients is to blend the right combination of analysis from our myriad of analytical tools, and generate actionable insights that deliver impactful results.  


A/B works with consumer and retail companies across the globe to hone competitor, channel, and customer strategies. We believe the optimal strategy starts with the customer- and we bring deep expertise in data analysis, voice of the customer, and segmentation across the consumer products world.

Private Equity

A/B has worked with leading private equity firms across a range of services and activities. We help firms decide what to buy and evaluate where to expand their investment activity.  Finally, we work with our clients to realize the full potential of their investment theses through operating value creation of their portfolio companies.


A/B is dedicated to serving non-profits, government, higher education institutions, and the K-12 sector through education strategy, reform, innovation, and implementation. Our team brings executive experience leading school networks and non-profits through new program development, market expansion, and EdTech innovation.

Sports and Entertainment

A/B works with sports and entertainment organizations, athletes, and entertainers as they navigate the complex world of licensing and rights agreements, fan acquisition and retention, ticketing, travel and hospitality and more. Our team brings international and domestic experience from working with the largest global events and entertainment companies.


A/B works with technology and SaaS companies to determine new market opportunities and growth strategies including in product portfolio optimization, new market assessment, pricing strategy and management, partnering and M&A strategies, distribution channel strategy, and sales force optimization.

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