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A/B builds teams with deep industry and expertise and decades of strategy consulting experience. We offer multiple engagement models to meet the diverse and evolving needs of our client teams, from full-service engagement teams to our extensive talent network of independent consultants.

Full-Service Engagements

Our experienced team of strategy consultants lead end-to-end engagements with defined workstreams, across several weeks or months, and related to specific deliverables to address our clients’ goals and desired outcomes.

Consultant Exchange

Leveraging our vast network of independent consultants, A/B provides high quality consultants to our client.  We source and vet our consultants, but they manage their day-to-day activities and are managed directly by our clients.


We build capacity for our clients with a long-term view in mind. A/B unique talent model allows our clients to find the right expertise on day one. Our clients get to test drive the relationship with an option to make a commitment down the line.



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